Saturday, 7 March 2015

Women workers fighting back - session at All the Rage 2015

Women workers fighting back - session at All the Rage 2015

What these women are saying makes a lot of sense to me as a working class woman!!

As someone who stands in solidarity with people fighting for the rights of all, whose politics are definitely on the left, I know I have shared some of the experiences of these women, when women's issues are sidelined and we are told that liberation for women needs to wait until class issues have been solved!

For me the reality is that we need marginalised people and women's issues to be prioritised as we will not achieve liberation for all until we do this as a priority and NOT a side issue!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Why I have decided to blog about this process.............

the first reason is I never imagined this would be something I would do, bet you're asking yourself does she mean blogging or standing for parliament, well actually I mean both!

Lets clear the parliamentary question out of the way first though......................................

I didn't really mean that I would stand for election if no-one else was even when I said it out
loud but then our regional co-ordinator, David M (first surname initial added, as we have so many David's we need to be able to distinguish them from one another, don't think I realised what a popular name David was before!) asked if I would consider doing so and after much deliberation, which basically involved me asking as many friends as would listen, what they thought about the idea, to which the replies were, in no particular order,

"Oh my God why didn't we think of that before, of course, you'd be great, can't wait to see you in the House of Commons (laughs out loud)............................"

"Do they allow women to do that......................" (No accounting for ones friends!!) and

"My God the press will have a field day with you...............(more laughing out loud)"

Well you'd think that with friends like these, I would have learned my lesson but no, never one to walk away from a challenge, on I went.............

I applied for and was eventually voted for by sufficient members to be selected for my area, Stockton South, to stand for the Green Party.

We are having meetings on a regular basis at one of the few remaining real pubs in Stockton, the Sun Inn, see below for our first picture taken after our meeting, with some of the people who attended.

Last week we had approximately 15 people who attended our meeting to offer their support in planning our campaign!

We are a welcoming and warm group of people, so if you want to get involved, make some new friends and have some fun feel free to come along on Tuesday evenings between 6 -7.30 pm.

So about the desire to blog about this, well as a community psychologist and social activist I am interested in cycles.....................not the ones you ride!

though I do that weather and rheumatism permitting, but action research cycles, those that support us in deciding which actions to take, how to take them, what happened when we took them and give us space to reflect on how we could have a greater impact the next time we take them.

As this is one way we can learn to do things better next time, by learning from our experiences together. Given that we all want in the words of Spock to "live long and prosper"

and that we are all not lucky enough to have the divine inspiration we sometimes need.............

It can help to have a more hands on approach to evaluating what we do...........

In order to let the sun shine in and see the light when it does happen......................

because those of us who live in the North know, a little bit of illumination goes a long way towards highlighting who and what is important in any process........................

because we are always more succesful when we do these things together than we ever are alone!

So I hope some of you will join us and see if we can grow some trees from the acorns we are planting, cos you never know with trees, some of them have a life all of their own........................

This is a picture by Ana Mendieta from her Tree of Life series, anyone wanting to know more about embodiment and the use of the body to challenge the representation of women as sexual objects can follow this link to some interesting and thought provoking pictures and writing on this subject here

Please remember to share this with your friends, acquaintances, lovers, enemies, and other people you may want to, if you thought it was interesting.....or for any other reason you care to mention!!!

Thanks to anyone who does, jacx